Customer and Guest Data

Queue Management System

Engage & Reward

The nebari platform provides the means for you to better engage with customers, attendees, and guests at large events and entertainment venues. We will help make sense of and manage crowd flow, improve line wait times, and provide means for your customers to better engage with your event and brand.

Mobile Engagement

Leverage smartphones to deliver a comprehensive user experience, integrating with existing or custom applications.

Guest Data

Understand customer and guest preferences and habits. Share relevant information. Directly connect with your guests.

Location Awareness

Monitor location and activity of guests while they interact with your events and conferences.


Automate and expedite the guest check-in process. Enable them to pre-order tickets, reserve parking, and create a line of communication with your brand.

Nebari tools create meaningful context from customer data that enables your company to grow and thrive.

Our Verticals